We love the gospel of Jesus Christ and believe it to be the center of our proclamation. We are committed to discipleship, and helping young people become able to teach others who will in turn, teach others. We believe that this is the pattern for Christ's ministry. 

We're so thankful you're here to check us out. Please do get in touch with us if there's any way we help you in your walk with the living God.

Who We Are

We are an interdenominational Bible study to young people (university students, NSFs and young working adults) which meets weekly. We are not a church, and our attendees come from many different churches.  All are welcome! 

Since 2005, we have been meeting in different forms and settings but over the years, we have committed ourselves to one thing - learning more about the God of the Bible through the revelation that He has given to us in His Word.



We focus on teaching the Bible and the building up of local churches through equipping young people with the tools to study the Bible and help others read it too. Our heart is to see healthy churches built up through members excited about the Scripture and the power of the Gospel.

At fellowship, we seek to do three things:

House Quality Resources for Ministry

Focus on Gospel-Centered Teaching

Encourage and Train Young Adult Believers


What We Believe

The inerrancy and infallibility of the Old and New Testament Scriptures

The Triune nature of the Godhead

The full divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ

The virgin birth and the miraculous ministry He performed

The exclusive work in salvation and the necessity of Jesus' redemption in the Cross by which we respond in repentance and faith

The literal and physical resurrection of His body

The regenerating work of the Holy Spirit

The centrality of the local church and its ministries

The Great Commission command to go to all nations with the gospel

The coming of His eternal kingdom and the judgment that it brings