The conflict in Syria has escalated this week, leaving many in that nation with their lives disrupted or destroyed. At the same time, Papua New Guinea is still reeling from an earthquake that took place at the end of Feb. Our hearts are heavy as we read these news. In local news, we are reminded to also pray for those that might be suffering quietly in our communities -- those who struggle with dementia. 

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Death toll from 7.5 magnitude Papua New Guinea earthquake on 26 Feb has risen to 125

  1. Pray that the God of peace and comfort may draw near to those who are grieving over the deaths of their loved ones. Pray that the Gospel may reach those who are mourning, that they may come to repent and believe in the saving work that is accomplished at the cross and take comfort in the promised future when there shall no longer be such sorrow or pain.
  2. Pray that the authorities of Papua New Guinea may have wisdom that is characterised by a Christ-like humility, that they may seek to understand the conditions of those who are affected on the ground firsthand so as to craft effective and efficient response plans. Pray that God may stir up a compassionate heart in me, you, His people and all who are able to serve those who are affected by this disaster in practical ways ranging from relief fund donations to Gospel missionary work there.

Trump seeking tariffs on up to US$60b Chinese goods

  1. Pray for humility among the leaders of the world, that nations may come to realise that true security lies only in God and not in even the best of man-made defences be they military or economic in nature. Pray that the human kings of today may be wise to recognise the sovereignty of God as He alone brings down nations and makes them rise. Pray that God's people, in their words and actions, may set an example for their own human rulers to follow in terms of submitting to such heavenly authority and taking refuge in God.
  2. Pray for renewed strength amongst those of the Lord who are discouraged, that they may find him who is coming again to be faithful in his return to "break [kings] with a rod of iron and dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel" (Psalm 2).

Thousands of Syrians flee raging assaults on two fronts

  1. Pray for God to work in the hearts of the the various stakeholders in this conflict, that there may be a resolution to this conflict soon. Pray that they may be blessed with a heart of repentance, turning away from violence and/or oppression and coming before the cross for forgiveness and for help in leading their respective nations.
  2. Pray that God may send help and comfort to those who have been displaced from their homes and in dire need of basic necessities. Pray that God's people may speak up and serve these people by finding ways to meet these needs, and to publish a Gospel of peace and of good news.
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More help at hand for dementia patients

  1. Pray for the elderly in Singapore, that they would be protected and helped by families, and that God would have mercy on the vulnerable and provide for them in gracious ways, including the help of organisations, the government, or friends and family.
  2. Pray for the government to have wisdom and to know how best to organise this sector. Pray for blessing on this initiative which seeks to serve those in need and bless then.

President Halimah Yacob salutes transport workers on first visit to SMRT Bishan Depot

  1. Pray for our transport workers to be safe and protected as they do their work under intense pressure and under public scrutiny. Pray that they would work well and not grow discouraged by results or by public complaints. Pray for high spirits, and for them to do their work well.
  2. Pray for Singaporeans to grow in gratefulness and empathy, and that we would not be a complaining, bitter people full of anger and irritation.

Eight-day hearing on how Singapore should battle online disinformation begins (14 March)

  1. Pray for the government's select committee studying this issue to have wisdom to know how to propose measure which will help preserve social cohesion, unity, and truth in a digital age.
  2. Pray for the recommendations of the committee to be well thought through, and yet, careful and cautious not to infringe on the rights of citizens and the freedom of the individual.