Ps 33:13-17 reminds us that the LORD "looks down from heaven; he sees all the children of man" and knows. As Christians, we might be tempted to despair when we look at our world, or might want to depend on our own schemes and solutions to solve all the world's problems. As we read the news this week, reading of natural disasters, political conflict, and even opportunities for Christian witness, let's also read it with a heart of dependence on God, coming to Him in prayer! 

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Amtrak train 'on wrong track' in fatal South Carolina collision

  1. Pray for the victims in the tragedy, that the Christians among them hold on to Christ and that in this tragedy the families and survivors will view this as a spiritual awakening moment to turn away from their sins and come to Christ.
  2. Pray for healing on the injured and a peace of mind for first responders who might've been affected by scenes of carnage.

ASEAN foreign ministers in Singapore for annual retreat

  1. Pray once again for our ASEAN leaders, that as they come together to serve the people and keep in mind the less privileged in our region.
  2. Pray for Minister Balakrishnan that he is filled with wisdom in pursuing the good of our country and of the region as Singapore takes on ASEAN chairmanship this year. 

The World's Newest Major Religion: No Religion

  1. This may not be 'recent' news, but let's pray that in our neoliberal, postmodern times where cash is king and everything is relative or subjective that Christians hold on to the word of God and the salvation of Christ's life and death as the Truth.
  2. Pray for our friends that live without faith, that their Christian friends will act with the prompting of the Spirit to be vessels of God's loving and saving grace. Pray that we Christians are defined by love.
  3. Pray for the advancement of the gospel, and remind ourselves of our common hope in the day of Christ.

Asia Markets Tumble after US Stocks plunge into Correction Territory

  1. Pray that in economic turbulence, we are reminded that wordly wealth isn't treasure. Let us celebrate Christ as our treasure.
  2. Pray for individuals, traders who might be especially affected by this. Pray that God's will be done in their lives.

Pray for Taiwan

  1. Pray for the trapped, missing and for the Taiwanese affected. Pray that the responders' efforts are blessed and that they themselves are protected and safe.
  2. Pray for the Christian groups within Hualien, that they may extend a loving hand to other affected members in the community.

US government shuts down for second time in three weeks

  1. Continue to pray for these leaders who are known as Christian, that they may resolve their differences and come together to serve the people.
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Outcome of City Harvest trial and public unhappiness

  1. Pray that Christians will guard the image of the gospel to non-believers, that we remember that we are not to taint the image of God's holiness with our sin. Pray that we ourselves live lives, public and private, that adorn our gospel of love.
  2. Pray that the affected leaders and members of CHC remember that as the public rages on, that they remember that our God is not one of vindication and unforgiveness but One who became flesh and died for helpless sinners who, by nature, turn away from Him. Pray that we all repent from our sins daily, reconcile guilt and shame in our hearts and follow Christ. Pray this for the CHC leaders who are serving their terms too.

Singapore will wither if society is rigid and stratified by class, says PM Lee

  1. Pray that the less privileged never lose their place in our leaders' hearts and minds just as they are eternally blessed in the boundless love of Christ.

Man robs SingPost branch of $3,000; police appealing for information

  1. Pray for the investigators on this case, that as they are pressured to close the case that their efforts be blessed.
  2. We give thanks for the safety we enjoy in Singapore. We pray for our security services, that God may continue to sustain them.
  3. We pray for the robber implicated here too, that he may face rightful justice and harm no one. We pray that You find him in a Prison Fellowship and turn him away from his sins.