We thank God for a CNY weekend which comes as a much-needed and welcomed break for many. But this weekend can and is also a good time for us to pray and bring our world to God. This week we read of a world where the threat of war and shootings is a reality for many. In Singapore, we just commemorated Total Defence Day, another reminder that the peace and comfort we enjoy now cannot be taken for granted. And ultimately, let us remember that God has placed each one of us where we are in this time "that (we) should seek God" (Acts 17:26-27). 

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Florida shooting: At least 17 dead in high school attack

  1. Pray for the families of the deceased from the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, that they find blessed assurance in the sacrifice of Christ. Pray that in their grief they find great comfort and salvation in the depths of His love.
  2. We pray for the soul of Nikolas Cruz, remembering the dying thief who was converted beside the crucified Christ, our Lord at the heights of His glory in His sacrifice. We pray that in the depths of His great evil we see the extent of human sin, and we pray that God reclaim this soul so, so far away from Him.
  3. We pray for the Spirit to move in the hearts of US Senators and Congressmen, most of who profess their love for Christ. We pray that despite the human disagreement and inertia emerging from sin that acts against life-saving action, that God move to instate gun control/safety laws through these human leaders.

US, Turkey return from brink, aim to 'normalize' ties

  1. We pray for peace to be kept as leaders from these two countries try to make amends. We pray that as they oppose each other due to complex geo-political tensions that God shield these people from an armed solution.
  2. Pray that we Christians see the heights of human brokenness and the sheer ineptness of humanity to save ourselves from how we have embroiled ourselves in battle. Pray that others see the need for Christ in their lives, for they cannot save themselves.

Catholic Diocese of Syracuse Starts Compensation Program for Clergy Sex Abuse Victims

  1. Pray that as Christian Ministers get enveloped in their own human sin and bring disgrace to the Gospel that deserves nothing but the greatest condemnation, that their victims don't fall away from the purity and delight of His love.
  2. Pray that good Christian leaders, elders, deacons, pastors and churchgoers surround these victims so that He can love them through His body.
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PM Lee Hsien Loong's Chinese New Year wish: Broader productivity growth, train improvements

  1. Pray for our family members who are not Christians this CNY. Pray that we make full use of family time to describe our encounters with God in our daily lives and love them by sharing our love for our God.
  2. Pray that as our government seeks to improve their processes that He bless those actions.

United we stand, divided we fall

  1. Let us as Singaporean Christians give thanks to God for the exceptional safety in our home. Pray for security forces that work around the clock this Total Defence Day.
  2. Pray for our leaders, that they continue to make sound decisions to protect our nation.
  3. Let us remind ourselves that the existence of our security forces are reminders of how human sin is self-destructive and self-ruining. That we, given free reign without the moral authority from God, are doomed to hell and eternal suffering. Pray that occasions that remind us of our safety remind us of the urgency that God attributes to spreading His good news.

Singapore poised for first GST hike in more than a decade, say economists polled

  1. Pray for public understanding and faith in our leaders as they make unpopular decisions. Pray that our leaders themselves make sound decisions to steward our nation's finances.