Ps 15 points us to a God who is holy but it also spells out what His holiness looks like specifically. Holy living means living an upright life, fueled by truth in one’s heart (Ps 15:2). It means watching one’s speech and avoiding evil done to neighbour (Ps 15:3). It means honest dealings financially, avoiding bribes or profiting off others (Ps 15:5).

Ps 15, when read in light of the world’s events and even what we struggle with in our lives and heart make us realise that we are not holy. Thus, the opening verse of this Psalm is our cry — “O LORD, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill?”

Praise God that He is the just and the justifier (c.f. Rom 3:26), and in Jesus Christ, we have the righteousness that we need and do not deserve! Now let us come boldly and offer our prayers to Him.

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Death toll from Hurricane Michael rises to at least six

  • This Category 4 Hurricane has affected 3 states and leaves a trail of destruction. Pray for comfort as people deal with the aftermath of the hurricane. Pray for rescue workers, hospital staff and all who are involved in the rebuilding efforts as they work tirelessly to provide aid and support to all who need it.

  • According to this article, “Florida officials said more than 400,000 homes and businesses were without electricity in Florida”. Pray for utility workers and engineers who are working hard to restore power in the affected regions.

  • Pray for churches in these regions to not only provide practical help, but also offer the comfort that is found in Christ.

Nobel Peace Prize for anti-rape activists Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege

  • This year’s winners of the Peace Prize were recognised for their "efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war". Thank God for the efforts and convictions of individuals to pursue justice and peace.

  • At the same time, we cry out to God when we read of the great injustice, hurt and pain still plaguing our world. Pray for the women and children affected by wars, and are victims of sexual violence in war. Pray that their practical needs will be met, and they will also come to know God as their true Father, Husband and King.

  • Denis Mukwege is also a Christian (read more here). “Mukwege challenged fellow Christians to consider “the credibility of the gospel in the 21st century, to liberate the grace that we have received by making the church a light that still shines in this world of darkness through our struggles for justice, truth, law, freedom, in short, the dignity of man and woman.””

    Praise God for Christians who work and live out their convictions in their workplaces. Pray for more to do so all over the world, from Congo to Singapore.

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Singapore No. 1 out of 157 countries in World Bank Human Capital Index

  • The HCI, according to the World Bank, "reflects the productivity as a future worker of a child born today, compared with what it could be if he or she had full health and complete, high-quality education". It is composed of 3 factors: survival of children to school age, the quantity and quality of education, and health (adult survival rates, healthy growth among children under the age of five).

  • Thank God for the relative peace and stability in Singapore, which allows our children to enjoy some levels of good health and growth in their early years.

  • Pray for wisdom for the government and policymakers as they also focus on dealing with inequality in Singapore. Pray for Singaporeans individually too, to take small but important steps to address these issues in our daily life.

Seven agreements signed between Singapore and Indonesia agencies at Leaders' Retreat

  • Thank God for the peace and good ties with our neighbour Indonesia. Pray that these treaties will strengthen diplomatic relations and maintain peace in this region.

  • Pray for Indonesians working and living in Singapore and vice versa, that they will be able to do so peacefully. Pray for Christians to befriend, love and share the gospel with them.