Singaporeans received news of this year's Budget this week. It was a reminder of the need to have good governance and leaders that are wise enough to rule now, but also plan for the future. Yet, this is not the case in many parts of the world. Events of this week remind us that it is also important to pray for Christians to pray for our government and also to be in government to help enact good laws. 

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Syrian war monitoring group says govt attack kills 94 in eastern Ghouta in a day

  1. Pray for the war-torn Middle East and especially Syria which has been at the centre of violence and carnage. Pray for God to bring peace and to show mercy on those who who have been bereaved and rocked by the violence in this part of hte world.Pray especially for the children who are defenceless and helpless and often heavily affected.
  2. Pray for government leaders, especially local leaders in Syria who have been complicit in adding to the violence. Pray that God will cause them to stop their human rights abuses, and that He would work in their hearts to bring about repentance and change. If they should refuse, pray that God bring justice upon them, and remove them from power and influence.
  3. Pray for international governments and organisations providing relief and aid on the ground, that their work would carry on unhindered. Pray for effectiveness and godspeed as they go about their work.

Former cyclone Gita hits New Zealand; emergency declared in southern city

  1. Pray for the people of NZ, Fiji and other Pacific Islands who will be affected by the cyclone. Pray for safety and protection against loss of life, and that God would have mercy on them as He draws them to repentance.
  2. Pray that the government leaders would have wisdom to know how to respond and rally people to recover from such a crisis.

Trump Suggests Teachers Get a ‘Bit of a Bonus’ to Carry Guns

  1. Pray for decision makers in the US, who seem to be torn across political lines and associations. Pray that as the differences in opinion seem too great that God guide the leaders to fulfill His will. Pray for the good sense to put differences aside and make sensible, practical gun control measures.
  2. Pray that our faith may be disentangled from political associations. In a world where Christianity is increasingly being considered the 'evangelical right' and certain people who profess to be Christians say things that discredit the faith, let us pray that people will see that Christ is meant for everyone. Pray that good Christians who act in ways that adorn the gospel with their good works will make the gospel more attractive to hardened hearts.
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Hongbaos and taxes: 8 things you need to know about Budget 2018

  1. Pray for Singapore's budget, that our leaders would have wisdom and compassion on people, especially the poor, as they plan fiscal policies.
  2. Pray for Singaporeans to understand the social needs and requirements of our nation, and for our people to grow in mercy and compassion for one another as a nation.

Ex-City Harvest Church fund manager Chew Eng Han arrested for trying to flee Singapore by boat

  1. Pray that our local climate for evangelism will not be tarnished by dishonourable acts by dishonoured leaders in the faith. Pray that His gospel light continues to shine in our country, and that He continue to bless us with avenues to bring good news to people.
  2. Pray for Chew Eng Han, a brother in the faith, that he may repent in prison and come to accept his wrongdoing. Let us pray for his soul, that he may spend time to evaluate his faith and grow in Christ.
  3. Pray for the members of CHC, that they not be affected by this act by a former leader. Pray that forgive him, and that this incident brings them out of the stressful limelight they have been put under over the past few years of the trial. Pray for change according to the will of God in CHC.

Better communication, good journalism and smart citizens key to fighting fake news: ST editor

  1. Pray that in an time that 'fake news' proliferates that the truth of our gospel stands as a refreshing, life-giving source of joy and blessed assurance to all Christians.