Let's be honest. Nahum is probably not our top pick for a daily devotion. In fact, many of us might have been surprised to hear that there is such a book in the Bible. So what exactly is this book about? Why is it important for us to study it? 

Here are 10 things that we have come up with so far: 

1. Nahum is a theological book. It tells us unique things about God. If each of the 66 books helps us know God differently, then it must be precious and we can’t afford to not know it!

2. Nahum is a gospel book. The message of Jesus Christ is supported and strengthened by what it says. How is God’s one storyline of the Bible affected by this tiny book?

3. Nahum is an integrated book. It is a sequel to the story of Jonah, which took place about a hundred years before that. After the fish story… there’s a Tigris flood story.

4. Nahum is a book about the past. It talks about the history of Mosul, a modern city in Iraq. The Assyrian section of the British Museum will become more accessible after reading it.

5. Nahum is a prophetic book. God speaks to humanity in this word with power and accuracy. Nahum will boost the idea that God’s word is trustworthy for us.

6. Nahum is a book about the present. It informs the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. It is an eerily wonderful experience to read this book in 2018.

7. Nahum is a book about the future. It predicts what will happen to Nineveh and Assyria which is confirmed by modern archaeology. See for yourself.

8. Nahum is a realistic book – it addresses the politics of Israel’s day and provides wisdom for living. How should we think about the shifts of global power?

9. Nahum is a gateway book. It opens the door to the 12 Minor Prophets, and the 5 Major prophets. Always wanted to know the prophets better? Now’s your chance.

10. Nahum is an accessible book. It is short and quite easy to grasp in a short amount of time. It’s only 3 chapters.

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