This week, we are led to think about political systems and peace. Global leaders continue to meet and discuss the situation in North Korea. At the same time, our neighbours up north are planning an upcoming election. In Singapore, our government is planning a round of Cabinet reshuffle, and continue to look into means to address social inequity. As Christians living in this world, how can we also pray for it while remembering that this place is not our home? 

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G7 ministers meet on Russia, Iran and North Korea threats

  1. In a world full of chaos and political uncertainty, pray for God to remind the church global that He is sovereign.
  2. Pray for the G7 leaders that the decisions they make there will work for justice and equity, that God will guide them in wisdom and mercy.

Barisan Nasional names first batch of candidates for Malaysia general elections

  1. Pray for peaceful conduct of elections in Malaysia, that corruption will decline and that God's will be done.
  2. Pray for outcomes that are the best of the people of Malaysia, and as neighbors, Singaporeans too in peace and justice.

India government approves death sentence for child rapists

  1. Pray for justice to be done in India and righteousness to prevail so that children are protected and given the necessary dignity.
  2. Pray for the government to not go overboard, but to administer justice rightly and fairly without bias or self-interest.
  3. Pray for those who have been hurt by past incidents and that God will bring them healing and peace from abuse.
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Cabinet reshuffle to involve almost all ministries; will be announced next week: PM Lee

  1. Pray for the Singaporean government to be given the right leaders to lead every sector of the country for progress and peace.
  2. Pray for the upcoming generation of leaders that they will be prepared rightly for the future and for our children to come. Pray for the church to pray for our leaders and think about how to steward this country.

Government to tackle 'serious issue' of inequality from pre-school years: Shanmugam

  1. Pray for inequity in Singapore to be addressed and for our children that they will be given good opportunities in life, regardless of wealth or background. Pray that Christians will awaken to this issue and treat it with justice.
  2. Pray for the government to have wisdom in order to lead well in this area and not advance further injustice. Pray that the rest of the country will awaken to this issue and become more sensitive to this need in Singapore.

23-year-old woman killed in accident between SMRT bus and car at Bukit Timah junction

  1. Pray for peace and safety on the roads, that we will travel safely and be kept from disaster or accidents. Pray that we will become more conscious about life and measure the length of our days before God across this country.
  2. Pray for comfort for the family of the bereaved that they will receive comfort in wisdom.