This week we are once again reminded of the need to pray for leaders all over the world. From Spain to New Zealand and even on our shores, good leaders who are wise enough to make good policies are important not only to ensure peace, but also for flourishing.

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NZ seniors' group hits back at 'elderly driver' plates

  1. Pray for a shift in focus from relying on identifying elderly drivers to all drivers on the road having heart that is understanding and is slow to anger.
  2. Countries around the world also suffer from problems of high rates of traffic accidents, as well as an ageing population. Pray that human leaders around the world, when serving their own local populations, come to have a heart of humility that acknowledges that these problems are ultimately beyond anyone; pray that we may come to confess the kingship of Jesus.
  3. Pray also for God to use leaders around the world to be projections of His sovereignty and infinitely wise kingship in the average man's daily life, be it in the aspects of road rage or in addressing societal problems like ageism.

Sperm race funds rare New Zealand bird's survival

  1. Praise God that He is at work in using man and his strange ingenuity to be stewards of His creation, even though all creation is fundamentally broken due to the Fall of man.
  2. Pray for the success of this campaign, that it may be used by God to ultimately remind us of the joyful and restful kind of stewardship over creation that He has called us to have. 
  3. All creation awaits the return of Jesus when all things will be made new; pray for Christians around the world to patiently and eagerly await Jesus' return, but also for God to stir up in His people of spirit of love towards protecting mother nature.

Spain Catalonia: Puigdemont speaks out after arrest in Germany

  1. Regardless of the politics involved, the peoples of Catalonia clearly desire a home, though visions of such a home differ. Pray that God may use this desire in them (and in us) to point them towards the greater home that Jesus calls each of us to return to.
  2. Pray for unity and humility to thrive among the leaders involved in this crisis, that every decision made may be in line with God's will and for the sake of the people that they are serving.
  3. Pray for God to cause His people in Catalonia to unite and walk among the streets and be attractive, shining beacons of the Gospel, proclaiming Jesus as the king who unites all nations, tribes and tongues, even while human leaders preach division all over Spain and all over the world.
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Repairing thunderstorm damage could take months, says Lim Chu Kang nursery

  1. Thank God that while the damage is extensive, there were no human casualties.
  2. Remember that it is the LORD who spoke creation into existence, so we should worship God for His power over all His own creation as He alone is able to stir up winds in destruction but also calm the seas.
  3. Pray for the relevant government authorities to have a compassionate wisdom in this matter as they attempt to support those affected.
  4. Pray also for comfort to reach those who are affected, that they may learn to trust wholly on God's provision.

Grab-Uber merger: Drivers worried about incentives, car rental contracts

  1. As many become worried about job security, pray that the God of comfort may draw near to all who are negatively affected, revealing Himself to them as the one who provides all things, even Himself. Pray that the situation will be worked out for God's glory as He directs Uber and Grab in their efforts to protect as many jobs as possible.
  2. Even the best systems that humans can come up with all have flaws, and a market economy that boasts competition is no exception. Give thanks that these systems are still under God's sovereignty and He uses them as tools of Provision no matter how flawed.
  3. Yet, pray also for mercy as man has always sought to establish his own systems of rule (corporately and individually in one's own heart) and rejoice as Christ intercedes for his people even now.

After 38 years on the run, man charged with firearm possession revisits crime scene

  1. Give thanks to God who uses human authorities and law enforcement agencies across national boundaries for justice to be pursued.
  2. We often take our security for granted, but that should not be the case. We need to repent of this and thank God for the men and women who have tirelessly served in this area.
  3. Pray for a fair trial, and pray that God may grant a heart of repentance to Seow, displacing any bitterness or thoughts of evil, so that he may come before Christ and have faith and rejoice in his sacrifice.