Dear Christian, do you believe that God is in control over all parts of the world, including trade tariffs, cybersecurity and even local elections? 

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US publishes list of 1,300 Chinese goods worth US$50b to be targeted by tariffs

  1. Pray for this trade war to die down soon with minimal damage being inflicted on the public from both nations.
  2. Pray for God loving and protective hand to be revealed in times of such economic uncertainty, so that the average worker who is anxious about putting bread on the table may find comfort and confidence not in trade policies but in God's provision.
  3. Pray for policy-makers to come to realise that this trade war, along with whatever verbal threats involved, is ultimately a representation of man's plots to burst apart his bonds from the Lord. Pray for a heart of repentance amongst policy-makers that confesses Christ as king.

Facebook removes more accounts tied to Russian 'troll factory'

  1. Praise God for moving to expose the lies of the world in His own time, and pray that He may continue to shed light on such falsehoods and lead people who have already been deceived by these fake accounts towards truth, ultimately the truth of the Gospel.
  2. Pray that God may continue to reveal the hypocrisy of giant corporations who are not doing enough even to guard against false and inflammatory content that circulate the internet even though they can.
  3. Pray for God to guide us and grant us discernment whenever we encounter strange content on the internet, that we may respond with clarity that the Gospel provides and not be swayed to accept false doctrine or to retaliate in a prideful manner.

Half of European flights face delays after air traffic control computer failure

  1. Pray that God may remove any bitterness and resentment arising from such a huge scale of inconvenience. Pray that God may instead instil a heart for serving and caring for those of us who have been affected by this.
  2. Pray for all of us to increasingly recognise that any man-made system or item in our lives is ultimately fallible. Pray that we may no longer place our pride in the routines and tools that we have that supposedly ensure us convenience, be it with regards to air traffic control or one's daily life. Pray for a humble and grateful heart that recognises that every second of our lives is under the sovereignty of God.


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Police warn against importing foreign politics into Singapore, in run-up to Malaysian election

  1. Pray for our neighbours up north, that God may grant wisdom for voters to vote for leaders whose policies reflect God's will, and for the elections to run smoothly.
  2. Pray that Singapore may not become an unhealthy battlefied of local or international politics, but that God may teach us prudence and clarity in approaching any political issue.

Social service staff to get another pay rise, with monthly salary for social workers starting at $3,400

  1. Thank God for leaders who are willing to recognise the hard work of those who are selflessly serving to meet the various social needs of Singaporeans among us.
  2. Pray that charities may find a way to increase funding for their staff. Pray for God to stir up a compassionate heart amongst the average Singaporean to support the less fortunate amongst us, either by donation or by on-the-ground service.
  3. Ultimately, pray for the love of Christ to be made known to those of us who are trapped in the messiness of human relations, that we may come to confess that he is the true healer of all wounds and to cast our burdens and worries onto him.

Govt agencies inspect boarding school canteen after 110 students at Nanyang Girls' High fall ill

  1. Thank God that the severity of most cases was largely mild, and for providing the blessing of a smooth recovery for the students affected.
  2. Give thanks for God's provision of leaders and human institutions who responded quickly and took the matter seriously.
  3. Pray for a heart of gratitude that recognises basic hygiene as a blessing to be cherished and stewarded.
  4. Pray that God may graciously lead the investigations to yield meaningful results that can point us in the right direction to prevent similar cases in the future.