There were lots of surprising events in world news this week. North and South Korean leaders met and spoke of peace between the 2 nations, and the North has also spoke of plans to close nuclear sites. In the US, a 40 year manhunt for a serial killer seemed to finally come to a close. We thank God for these tiny respites of peace and justice in a world that so desperately needs it, but we are reminded that this world is still so broken, and still groaning and waiting for a complete and full redemption.

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North Korea nuclear test site to close in May, South Korea says

  1. Praise God for the answering the prayers of many and giving peace to troubled lands. We remember that Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6) and we give Him praise.
  2. Pray that as wounded relations appear to be mended, God's will be done fully in Korea. Pray that in His time, we may see that peace may be restored to the peninsula.
  3. Pray for that their leaders are guided by Him to do good things for their people.
  4. Pray for the North Koreans who suffer, including people suffering in North Korean labour camps. Pray that the regime may change to remove inhumane practices that are an abomination to the Lord.
  5. Pray for the gospel to flourish in North Korea. We remember and think of missionaries like Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim that have went at great personal cost to spread the gospel. Pray for them, and pray that opportunities for making more disciples in North Korea become possible.

Golden State Killer: The end of a 40-year hunt?

  1. Pray for affected families and loved ones who may have had their old wounds re-opened. Pray that their friends and family, who are God's people, are sent their way to give them comfort.
  2. Thank God for members of law enforcement that have served justice. Pray that He sustain them.
  3. Pray for both Christians and non-Christians who read of terrifying news of human evil like this and take it as evidence that God has failed to work. Pray the reminders of our fallen condition and our own sin remind us of our desperate need for our perfect mediator Jesus Christ to cleanse us.

Mike Pompeo starts Middle East tour with call for new Iran sanctions

  1. Pray for wisdom as the US intervenes more the Middle East. Pray that His will be done by their leaders.
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2018 Cabinet reshuffle is a win for women, with a historic 3 female full ministers

  1. Thank God for opportunities for women to serve in high-profile, important positions. Indeed, by His creation both men and women are equal in value (Gen 1:27). Pray that misogynistic ideology, especially within our Church, will continue to be countered. At the same time, pray that the church will properly champion His design and will for the two genders.
  2. Pray for these new female ministers, that they may be good agents within government to enact positive change. Pray that He sustain them.

Incoming SMRT chief Neo Kian Hong joins Khaw Boon Wan to observe full-day trial of new signalling system

  1. Pray that as this hotly commented leadership transition receives a lot of public attention, God will bless us with good leadership that can better our public trains.
  2. Pray that God will sustain Neo and his team as he takes up the hot seat. Pray that Singaporeans show our support for our public transport companies as they continue to serve us.

Pentecostal, Charismatic and other churches form new body

  1. Pray that as a second body alongside the National Council of Churches comes up, that God will protect His body from disunity. Pray that God continue to give us good leaders with correct theology, who will keep closely to His word and honour its inerrancy. Pray for more unity in His body, and for God to give us all in His body wisdom as we seek to do this.
  2. Pray that Christians in Singapore will be good ambassadors for Christ through our lives. Let us remember that the gospel is too valuable to be tarnished by the public sin of those who call themselves His people.