What does it mean that Christians are those whose citizenship is in heaven (Phil 3:20)? How does that change the way we think about politics, political power and interact with friends of different faiths? One thing we can do is to pray! Pray with a realistic hope, knowing that this place in this state is not our hope, and depending on political power is no certainty. Pray with a gospel-shaped optimism, trusting that God, and only God, can bring about the change of heart that we all need. 

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Did Israel use excessive force at Gaza protests?

  1. We pray for the Trump Administration, whose policy decision to recognise Jerusalem has directly caused tragedies like this. Pray that the officials have hearts that desire peace, and act towards it.
  2. We pray for President's Netanyahu's administration, that they too have hearts that desire peace. Let us pray that as it has become so routine to cover violent abominations to our Lord with euphemisms like 'protecting sovereignty' and maybe even 'terrorism', Christians around the world remember that every non-christian life lost is a lost chance for someone to receive eternal life with our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray that God has mercy over the Palestinians under attack. Pray that God may fulfill His will in the contested region.

Malaysia's freed Anwar Ibrahim hails 'new dawn' after poll win

  1. Let us pray for our neighbour Malaysia - pray that their new government is a just and fair one that maintains the kind of peace that is fertile soil for the gospel. We remember Jakarta Governer Ahok, a follower of Jesus Christ, who was jailed for politically motivated reasons and we pray for him too.
  2. Pray for the new elected leaders. As old wounds are mended and new coalitions are formed, pray that God protect Malaysia's new leaders. Pray that good change happens within Malaysia, and that the promise of leadership succession to Anwar is kept.

Family of five bomb police checkpoint in Surabaya

  1. Pray for the families of Police Officers/those who were hurt or killed by this tragedy. We also pray for Christian brother and sisters who were hurt or killed by similar attacks on churches in Surabaya. Pray for our unchanging, sovereign God to sustain those affected.
  2. Pray for the souls of the children who were implicated, coerced and horrifically misled by their terrorist parents to partake in these attacks. Pray that our God show mercy on them. Pray for the salvation of children around the world who have been led into carrying out violent abominations.
  3. Pray that the brokenness of our world, revealed by tragedies like this, serve as reminders of the fall of man (Gen 3). Pray that there are opportunities for the disillusioned and hurting to see their own need for a Saviour. Pray that these people receive salvation through Christ.
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Develop a Singapore brand of meritocracy: Masagos

  1. While we give thanks and recognise meritocracy as a key ingredient in Singapore's success, let us pray that Singapore Christians take heed and recognise meritocratic motivations as a potential idol. Pray that God's people may remember to repent and put their faith continually in Christ only.
  2. Pray that as our leaders complete the debate on the President's address, they continue good discussions in Parliament to further the greater good for Singaporeans. Pray that God continue to protect our parliamentary institution.


Muslims in Singapore to mark start of Ramadan on May 17

  1. Let us pray for our Muslim friends. Pray that as they start Ramadan they continue to be sustained. Pray that God's people and non-Christians alike are sent to show care and love for our Muslim friends.
  2. Pray for God to work against hateful, Islamophobic comments and views, especially from God's people in the West.


SCDF NSF dies after being found unconscious at bottom of fire station pump well

  1. Pray for the family of Kok Yuen Chin. Pray that God send them people who would show them care and love in their time of bereavement.
  2. Pray for NS institutions, the COI and the SCDF. Pray that the proceedings would be fair and just. Pray that critical changes are made to pre-empt and correct problems.