Ties between the US and North Korea and US and China are still tenuous and serves as a constant reminder that peace in our world is often difficult to attain. As Christians, we know that this part of living in a fallen world and even as we pray and work hard for peace on earth, we know that truth peace is more than just nations agreeing with each other. It is about peace with God where we who were once enemies can now be reconciled with Him. 

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Trump calls off Singapore summit with North Korea

  1. Pray for the leaders of the US, North Korea and China to act in wisdom, self-control, restraint and peace, in the interests of peace in the world and nuclear disarmament.
  2. Pray for advisors and civil servants who are serving their leaders to have skill, wisdom, tact and influence that God will use for peace and righteousness.
  3. Pray for the world economy as everyone responds to Donald Trump's decision to cancel the Singapore summit with anxiety and uncertainty -- pray for economic stability in the world.

US, China back off on tariffs, easing trade tensions

  1. Pray for the leaders of the US and China as they make plans and decisions that are in the interests of their own country -- that they will act also for peace and stability in the world. Pray that tariffs that hurt world trade will be avoided.
  2. Pray for God to hold back the wickedness of men, egotism and pride in trade negotiations and that wisdom would prevail.

At least six killed by car bomb in Benghazi, Libya - residents

  1. Pray for the political situation in Libya, and that God would work in the hearts of leaders to pursue justice and fairness in the country.
  2. Pray for law enforcement and emergency response officials on the ground to have effectiveness, skill, and wisdom as they handle the disaster.
  3. Pray for the comfort of those who have lost family, that God's Spirit would work in the lives of individuals to give them solace.
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SCDF investigating 'ragging incident' videos of officer being dragged along floor, struggling in well

  1. Pray for the end of such dangerous activities, and for the bullies who are responsible for these incidents to be brought to light and punished appropriately.
  2. Pray for the relevant authorities involved, as well as the higher-ups in the SCDF, to be wise in their decision-making as they plan and implement policies to prevent such incidents from happening again.
  3. Pray for our uniformed civil servants to be well taken care of as they sacrifice much time and energy to serve this nation.

Singapore narrows 2018 growth estimate to 2.5-3.5% as Q1 GDP expands faster than expected

  1. Give thanks to God for providing much to this nation materially amidst troubled economic times.
  2. Pray for our leaders as they continue to work hard and steer Singapore through unpredictable economic challenges and a confusing geo-political climate.
  3. Ultimately, pray for a recognition that sound economics and/or policies pale greatly in comparison to the sovereignty of God, and that his people may grow to trust and rely on him more and more instead of man-made systems or ideas.

High-risk dengue clusters found in Jurong West, Bedok

  1. Pray for God to provide comfort and strength to those who are suffering from dengue, or those who have lost a loved one to dengue.
  2. Pray for God to lift this spell of aedes mosquitoes that have been plaguing Jurong West and Bedok.
  3. Pray that we may come to have a considerate heart in this fight against dengue, that we may work together to prevent the spread of dengue.