As we live in a world that is still filled with wars or the potential for wars, our hearts are burdened and heavy. But we are also reminded that God is also at work and there are those in our midst that are still standing up for the downtrodden, outcast and advancing the rights of men and women in areas where their rights are restricted. 

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Syrian civil war rages on, death toll continues to rise

  1. Pray for Christian relief workers to be able to operate and help individuals on the ground, and that their work be able to conduct unhindered. Pray that God will keep them safe as they shine for Him there.
  2. Pray for the ceasefire of skirmishes and that plots and plans for violence will be cancelled, or made impossible. Pray that physical harm be kept to a minimum, especially for defenceless civilians like children and women.

President Donald Trump announces a 25% tariff on steel and aluminium, sparking fears of a trade war

  1. Pray for wisdom in the heart of Donald Trump who professes to be a Christian, that he will make decisions that are not just in America's interest, but in the interest of fairness, justice and equity. Pray that he will be surrounded by counsellors who advocate decisions that show not just strength and power, but compassion and long-sightedness.
  2. Pray for the impact of this tariff, that God would prevent a trade war that hurts the lives and livelihood of many all around the world, and that a 'bullying' attitude by the US would be halted, and that a retaliatory attitude by other countries would be suppressed.
  3. Pray that in the wake of rising prices and changing economic circumstances, that God would provide for His people as He provides the sun and the rain for all that He loves. Pray that we would all live simple lives and trust Him plainly.

First women's marathon held in Saudia Arabia amid ongoing social reforms

  1. We rejoice and give thanks for social reforms in Saudi Arabia that have been going on since June. Pray for these reforms to continue to improve the lives of many in that conservative country, and that the dignity of all persons everywhere would be upheld in the world God made.
  2. Pray for the women of Saudi Arabia to hear the whisper of God that they are precious in His sight and worthy of His affection. Pray that the gospel would go to them in the most unreached corners of the world, especially to the women.
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Trans Pacific Partnership to be ratified next week, says Minister for Trade and Industry

  1. Pray that our churches and fellow countrymen would not put their faith in government or international trade agreements, but in the living God who watches over us. Pray that we would be kept from such idolatry, both in success and hardship.
  2. Pray that our leaders working on the TPP would have wisdom to do what is best for the people and that God would bless these efforts, especially as they uplift poverty and provide for the betterment of the people.

Singapore's fertility rate reaches an all-time low of 1.16

  1. Pray for a society wide repentance of self-centered living by both men and women who are afraid of families and having children -- to that end, pray that God would give us a true love for children, and an understanding that children are a gift from God.
  2. Pray for God to work in our hearts, especially in the church, to love and treasure children.

SCORE to launch new initiatives to help ex-inmates improve their job prospects

  1. Give thanks and praise God for a government that cares about the downtrodden and prisoners.
  2. Pray for God to bless such efforts and that these programmes be effective and work for the good of many former inmates and their families.
  3. Pray for God to reach the hearts of many such prisoners, and that many who are believers will find support and help from churches and God's people everywhere, to the glory of Jesus Christ.