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On Sanctification

The Man the King Delights to Honor by Tim Keller

Haman helps us see the problems that come with pride. But how do we overcome this sin? Tim Keller argues that “pride is overcome by forgetting oneself and clothing oneself in the overwhelming praise of the Father through Christ”.

The Whole in Our Holiness by Ligon Duncan

“Ligon Duncan traces the biblical storyline to show how Christ redeems his fallen people, renewing them to a whole-hearted obedience to the God of grace. Increasingly conformed to the image of Christ, Christians are to be distinct from the world in their love of God and neighbour." 

How to Change

Christian growth is described through the metaphor of the fruit of the spirit,which is a gradual process that begins with the seed of the Holy Spirit. As we are changed from the inside out,organically and radically,we will find deep joy and lasting change.

How the Gospel Changes Us

The default mode of the human heart is to work on our behavior and outer appearance,but the gospel changes us at the heart level. To grow,we must understand the difference between religion and the gospel,and apply the gospel to our hearts to confront the idols at the root of our sin. This talk was given at a training conference at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.

Removing Idols of the Heart

The essential dynamic of change in the heart of the Christian runs on a cycle of repentance and faith. Repentance is unmasking the idols of the heart,the motivations for action and bases for identity other than Christ, and then taking them to the Cross. Faith is trusting in the forgiveness of Christ, understanding both the depth of our sin and the worth of Christ's sacrifice.