We may be familiar with the narrative of the Christmas story and the key players are not entirely foreign to us. We think that the wise men, Mary and Joseph, King Herod, angels, shepherds and the baby Jesus are all there is. But why are we focusing on mothers this advent? Here are 10 reasons why this series is important for us:

1. The mothers (plural) of Christmas are an hugely important part of the meaning and message of Jesus' birth according to the Christmas passages.

2. The mothers of Christmas are a way of understanding the unfolding Bible story from Old Testament to New. Looking at these mothers helps us see the single, whole story from Genesis to Revelation.

3. The mothers of Christmas help us understand the dynamics of the Christmas story -- the who, what, when, where, how and why of Christmas -- will be explained in the narrative.

4. The mothers of Christmas show us the fear, stress, fragility, vulnerability and anxiety of everyday human life, and how God helped them. These situations may speak to you in your daily struggles.

5. The mothers of Christmas have an unusual focus on the life of women in the church and according to the Bible. A cruel and ungodly patriarchy can sometimes creep into our Christian worldview, and this will help correct it.

6. The mothers of Christmas show us how God brings hope, peace, joy and love of the season Advent in practical ways.

7. The mothers of Christmas teach us new things about the Bible we probably didn't know before. This is a new topic to you, right? And new things are exciting.

8. The mothers of Christmas remind us of the importance of birth and children in the story of the Bible, most of all, how children are gifts from God, and in a child, we received the greatest gift of all - Jesus Christ.

9. The mothers of Christmas are short stories which are quite easy to understand!

10. The mothers of Christmas show us how God keeps His wonderful promises, and strengthen our faith. Without promises and seeing how they are kept, we will have no faith.

This is the unique role that these women played in the first Christmas story! Isn’t it wonderful and amazing how God calls and uses different people to accomplish His plans and purposes?