On Wednesday nights, we gather to study God's word together. In this series of Mark, many of us leave with a clear sense that God has spoken, but what do we do with it? Here are three suggestions that you could take up to continue pursuing God even on Thursday and in the rest of the week! 

First, pursue what God has said to you vigorously through prayer. This means praying specific things: ask God to grow the seed planted and cause it to bear fruit; ask Him to guard it from being choked out by the busyness and cares of life; ask Him to protect that seed from the enemy who plucks at it.

  • Remember which verses God used to speak to you and turn them around in your mind, and cry out to God about what He's said to you.
  • Thank Him for it.
  • Ask Him to confirm it. Ask Him to repeat it, and expect God to answer.
  • Also, listen and look around you because God  (daily Bible reading, sermons, conversations with friends).
  • Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit speaking through the Bible, and pray again.
  • Make church this Sunday that platform for crying out to God.

Second, seek active obedience and plan to do what God told you do. The easiest way to do this is to ask someone else to help you -- maybe a good friend, a church member, or a small group friend.

  • Begin by asking them (and yourself), "what would it look like to obey that Word in this circumstance?" or "how do I do that in my life right now?"
  • Ask, "what is an obstacle to obedience?" and purposefully rid yourself of that obstacle.
  • Talk about milestones to reach and goals to achieve in your personal obedience.
  • Plead with that other person to hold you accountable. This is what the church is for -- these relationships are precious and important! 

Third, come back next Wednesday to hear what the rest of Mark has to say. Your church comes first. But reading Mark in context with us will help solidify what God said in the text this week. Mark is all about discipleship. We'll hear more about "Following Jesus" and what that looks like, what it means that Jesus calls His disciples, and how we ought to pursue that in a Singaporean context. On Wednesday there were more than 60 people so by faith. We hope you'll be there, having prayed and prepared your heart to read the Bible with us. You might want to read Mark 1 ahead of time.

We're praying desperately for you guys, and for God to help you bear much fruit.