“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it." (Isa 55:10-11)

God promises that His word will accomplish His work. Praise God for His wisdom, sovereignty and power. We too, have experienced the power of His proclaimed Word. We in Singapore received the gospel because years ago, Christians believed in this promise and shared the gospel faithfully. Let us also continue to be people that boast in nothing but the cross, and share this good news with the nations! 


Pray for Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia 

The unrest and instability in countries in Latin America result in lots of migration between countries. For example, Costa Rica receives refugees from Colombia and Venezuela, and it is also a stop for those seeking asylum in countries further north. Pray for wisdom for government leaders as they consider how to best offer aid to those displaced. Pray for peace in the countries that are facing instability and unrest that's affecting the lives of many, including that of children. 

Pray especially for Mexico, as they go to the polls on Sunday to choose their next president. The country is currently battling widespread corruption, violence and poverty and Mexicans are disillusioned with the current government. Pray that the new leaders will be wise and fight for the good of the people and the nation. Pray that peace and justice will prevail. 


Pray for Serbia and Poland 

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by a Bosnian Serb was used as an excuse to invade Serbia in 1914, and this led to the start of WW1. Serbia has had quite a tumultuous modern political history since then with modern politics still influenced by their history. Like Serbia, Poland also saw great changes in their political history in the 20th centuries as a result of the wars and communism. 

Pray for Serbia and Poland, who are not exactly unchurched countries, that God will not just be an idea or part of the culture, but that they will come to saving knowledge of who He is. 


Pray for Senegal and Tunisia

Tunisia and Senegal are both predominantly Muslim nations where converts from Islam to Christianity face persecution. Continue to pray for the small group of Christians in both nations to persevere in their faith! 


Pray for Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, England and Belgium

By God's gracious provision, many of these nations have rebuilt themselves after the world wars. On the other hand, countries like Sweden and Switzerland have benefited from political neutrality. In recent times, many have also become home to refugees seeking asylum. Sweden is also home to perhaps the largest number of refugees in the world. Germany has also opened its doors to a million asylum seekers. This has provided a wonderful gospel opportunity as many who have never heard the gospel have a chance to now do so! 

Unfortunately, the influx of so many refugees has also led to increasing political tensions in many countries. In Germany, there are worries regarding the possible implications on economic stability and the erosion of the German identity. Even among the German-born population, there are many who have not yet heard of the gospel or who have hardened their hearts against Jesus. Pray for revival amongst the spiritually dead, that they may receive salvation and live in the light of salvation by being good witnesses of the gospel in all aspects of the country's life, be it the economy, the political scene or the social scene.

Many of the European nations like Switzerland, England and Belgium also enjoy great diversity and economic progress. But like Germany and Sweden, the rise of immigrants and the diversification of the population has led to tensions too. Nominalism is on the rise in many of these nations. For example in Sweden,the faithful are facing more opposition for their publicly acknowledging God. More and more youth are also growing up to perceive God as irrelevant to their lives. Pray for the righteous amongst these nations, that they may receive comfort and strength in God's Word to run this race with all endurance and to be firm but gentle apologists of a sound Biblical worldview. Pray for the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into the hardened hearts of those who have grown cold and indifferent to God. Pray for the transforming power of the gospel to permeate city life at every level, leading both the rich and the poor, the comfortable and the wretched back to Christ.


Pray for Japan and Korea

Japan and Korea have a shared and not always peaceful history. However, the story of the gospel in both nations are rather different. The gospel first reached Korean borders in 1885. In 1974, South Korea sent out 24 missionaries but today, there are over 27 000 missionaries hailing from this nation. In contrast, few in Japan consider themselves religious and the number of Christians in this nation number less than 1%.

Pray for God's continued blessing on the Korean church and its remarkable commitment to fervent prayer and a broad missions vision. Pray also for perseverance as a formidable missions-sending nation and the flexibility and cultural sensitivity to be effective abroad. Pray for the South Korean youth to be compelled by a genuine Christian faith rather than the expectations and offerings of the world, or a counterfeit walk with God that a culture-based, nominal faith would produce.

Pray desperately for Japan. Pray that those who are held captive by the mouldy glitter of materialism may come to know the surpassing worth of Christ. Pray for those who feel hopelessness and isolation, that the gospel may reach them so that they may know that the LORD remembers them and will lead them to a place of lasting rest. Pray for those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, especially those (both local and overseas Japanese) who are facing great social pressures to cling on to Christ, so that they may ultimately be blessed as sons and daughters of God.