The Man the King Delights to Honor by Tim Keller

Haman helps us see the problems that come with pride. But how do we overcome this sin? Tim Keller argues that “pride is overcome by forgetting oneself and clothing oneself in the overwhelming praise of the Father through Christ”.

The Whole in Our Holiness by Ligon Duncan

“Ligon Duncan traces the biblical storyline to show how Christ redeems his fallen people, renewing them to a whole-hearted obedience to the God of grace. Increasingly conformed to the image of Christ, Christians are to be distinct from the world in their love of God and neighbour." 

Praying our Tears by Tim Keller

Part of a sermon series in the Psalms, this message by Tim Keller speaks of the reality of suffering, but also how not to waste the tears that we shed. By God’s grace, these tears can also bear fruit.

Your Bible is Enough by Kevin DeYoung

“God is speaking through this book. Are we right to hope that God will also speak through some other means?” 

This was a message given at The Gospel Coalition New England Regional Conference in 2016. 

The Gospel by Numbers by Ligon Duncan

"In a message entitled “The Gospel by Numbers,” Ligon Duncan lifts up the sacrificial work of our savior Jesus Christ. Because the sinless, undefiled Son of God went outside the camp, because He bore the reproach of those who would believe, Christians are made clean. Standing on the mountain of this glorious truth, breathing in its crystal clear air, Duncan then asks: “Don’t we want to tell people about this Man — the only one who can do something about their sin?”" 

This message was given at the Together for the Gospel conference in 2014. 

The God Who Is Not Like Us: Why We Need the Doctrine of Divine Immutability by Kevin DeYoung

God’s people are called to be distinct from the world because God—in the perfect life of the Trinity—is distinct from the world. In a survey of various biblical and historical texts, Kevin DeYoung demonstrates how the perfection of divine immutability sets the Creator apart from his creation. The saints are eternally secure trusting in the promises of their unchanging God.

Why It's Good That God Is Different from You by Jen Wilkin

“God is self-existent, self-sufficient, eternal, immutable, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, sovereign, infinite, and incomprehensible. We are not—and that’s a good thing. But at the root of every sin lies our rebellious desire to possess these attributes. Our limitations are meant to point us toward a limitless God. Seeing God for who he is inspires us to worship and obey, and to testify with David that “the boundary lines have fallen for us in pleasant places.””

CCEF Podcasts: Counselling resources

CCEF has a lot of good resources for counselling Christians through different issues. Subscribe to their iTunes feed here. Some of their past episodes included a discussion on: 

  • Gender identity
  • Busyness
  • Responding to tragedy 
  • Can boredom be addressed Scripturally?
  • Body image distortions 
  • Understanding Bipolar Disorder