1 Thess 5:17 gives us a bald, straightforward command: “pray without ceasing”. The positive instruction is clear: pray. The negative instruction is just as clear: don’t stop. Are we doing that? How should we be thinking about our world, our nation and the environment around us? We believe that in order to obey this command, apart from a prayerful spirit and God-centered reliance, we could also use more help by holding the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. This new initiative aims to do just that — tracking key news events and applying a Biblical worldview toward those events and promoting us to pray. With this in hand, let’s set aside some time and faithfully, pray.

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"Creating A Shared Future in a Fractured World" theme at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2018

  1. Pray for world government and business leaders to make decisions in service of all, especially the uplifting of the marginalised and poor
  2. Pray for or a stable balance and improvement of relationships amongst world powers, especially complex tense US-China relations.

Mike Pence announce US embassy to move to Jerusalem by end 2019, prompting Palestinian leadership to cut ties

  1. Pray for the American government to have wisdom in decision-making, and that political decisions made supposedly in the name of Christ will not bring Him dishonor.
  2. Pray for the Middle East and that God will work in the hearts of country leaders to seek reconciliation and re-open negotiations. Pray that hatred and strife in the region will be replaced with harmony and peace.

Kabul mourns 100 dead after ambulance bomb

  1. Pray for the nation of Afghanistan as the Taliban still continues to hold sway in that part of the world, threatening peace and security and hurting many with violence and acts of disruption and hurt. Pray for governments to have wisdom to know how to respond.
  2. Pray for terrorist organisations to be disrupted and for God's Spirit to awaken consciences to what is right and wrong. Pray that an internal awakening will be wrought where human beings can do nothing to hold back depravity and cruelty.

Mount Mayon volcano in the Philippines threatens to erupt -- more than 27,000 have been evacuated

  1. Pray for God's mercy on the people of the Philippines, especially those who are fleeing for safety from the nearby towns. Pray that the elderly, children and less mobile will be helped and also cared for in the process, and that many will see these disasters as spiritual awakening moments to turn from their sins and trust in God.
  2. Pray for the local government to have wisdom to know how to make the right decisions to care for and help the locals, managing this crisis in an orderly and effective way.
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IPS Survey -- New study finds class divide in Singapore

  1. Pray for our leaders, social service professionals and educators. Pray that God may guide them to help those in need of any financial assistance or help.
  2. Pray for Singaporeans, that we become more ready to show kindness and not let social class divide us.
  3. Pray for the Singaporean Church, that we may not unknowingly create divisions in our church that are man-made. Pray that the gospel of our Gracious Saviour coming in most humble form and dying in a most unjust way remind us to strive to love all in the church and that we ourselves are rid of prejudice.

Punggol North 'digital district' launched, to create 28,000 jobs for Singaporeans

  1. Give thanks for the foresight of our leaders, and pray for the guidance of God in all their decisions.                                     
  2. Pray for Singaporeans who may find it difficult to deal with changing market needs, that God may guide our leaders to better our SkillsFuture movement and to steward these 28000 job openings.                                     
  3. Pray for non-Christians who may be struggling, that God send their way someone who may share the gospel and point them towards avenues to learn the necessary skills.

Singapore signs FTA with Sri Lanka

  1. Give thanks for a bilateral willingness to strengthen economic relations. Pray that God will, through His people, make full use of this relationship between two nations to further the cause of the gospel                                        

  2. Pray that this FTA will bring mutual benefits for both countries and create jobs for citizens on both ends, helping especially the less privileged.                                                                 
  3. Pray for more strengthened relations, to further peace in our region and in our world.