This week, we read of political uncertainty in major nations and the threat of trade wars. But Ps 33:10-11 reminds us that though the nations seems to be in control, God can bring the counsel of the nations to nothing, but His counsel stands forever. In Singapore too, the listeria fear in rockmelons also remind us not to take the provision of food for granted! 

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Donald Trump signs order on metal tariffs but Canada, Mexico get reprieve

  1. Continue to pray for Donald Trump, a self-professed Christian leader who continues to make inward-looking policies. Pray for his heart, that God keep it from being hardened under pressures. Pray for his administration, that they are not overwhelmed with pandering to domestic interests.
  2. Pray for business owners outside the US, especially smaller ones, that might be hurt by this tariff. Continue to pray the all of God's people will keep their hopes on Him and not follow monetary successes as their goals amidst challenging economic circumstances.

China’s parliament opened on Monday 5 March and announced that defence spending will be raised by 8.1% in 2018

  1. This is concerning news for Christians who desire for peace and gentleness in a world that is violent, hostile and warmongering. Pray for God's Spirit to work in the hearts of decision makers to make weapons for peace and justice, not battle and war. Pray for the political leaders, generals and civil servants to hear the voice of God and be ruled by His word, not by their hearts.
  2. Pray for the other nations not to spark off an arms race or competition, but for de-escalation to be brought about by the hands of the Almighty.

Italy's national elections are ongoing amidst uncertainty -- rightist alliance in the lead

  1. Pray for political stability and continuity in the 3rd largest economy in Europe, and for a strong political consensus to be formed that is in the interest of Italy and Europe as a whole.
  2. Pray for God to appoint leaders who are wise and prudent, and not interested in fanning the hearts and instincts of the people. Pray for leaders who will govern with fairness and justice, according to God's will for leaders.
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At 52 Hours, MP Speeches at COS Budget Debate longest in 5 years

  1. Pray for the government to continue to be led sovereignly by God's Spirit to do what is right and in the interest of the Singaporean people.
  2. Pray that good decisions will be made that serve others, not advance political interests, and that Singaporeans would have greater public trust and our system be strengthened as a result.
  3. Pray that public discontentment in light of very public disputes will not seed further fracturing in our social fabric.

11 nations say CPTPP strong signal against protectionism after signing revamped trade deal without US

  1. Give thanks for world leaders who would go against the grain and oppose the isolationist policy decisions of the US, especially for our Singaporean leaders. Pray that these world leaders from Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru and Vietnam would continue to act in ways that benefit communities outside of their immediate populace.
  2. Pray that His people will continue to love the least in the eyes of Man and act in ways that benefit disadvantaged groups.

AVA recalls all rockmelons from Australia amid listeria fears

  1. Pray that our authorities continue to stay vigilant to all kinds of threats that might do us harm. Pray for the administrators and employees in AVA, logistics contractors and retail/food establishment staff involved in the recall process, that they perform their duties meticulously. Pray that God will sustain them as they carry out this urgent task. Pray for no harm from the consumption of these contaminated melons.