“If God had perceived that our greatest need was economic, He would have sent an economist. If He had perceived that our greatest need was entertainment, He would have sent us a comedian or an artist. If God had perceived that our greatest need was political stability, He would have sent us a politician. If He had perceived that our greatest need was health, He would have sent us a doctor. But He perceived that our greatest need involved our sin, our alienation from Him, our profound rebellion, our death; and He sent us a Savior.”

This quote by D.A. Carson is always a good reminder that the best economic policies and strategies cannot solve our greatest need. Let's keep this in mind as we pray for our world this week and even as we go about our lives, striving at work and doing the best we can. 

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Mattis slams China on South China Sea island weaponization

  1. Pray for the smooth progression of the Shangri-La Dialogue back home, especially for the safety of our world leaders. Pray that they advance and seek peace in their decisions.

  2. Pray for the burgeoning and consistent disagreements between the US and China. Pray that as China acts in expantionist ways and the US continues to project its presence in contested regions, leaders on both sides have the wisdom and tact to avoid armed conflict. Pray that God may guide these leaders to do His will.

  3. Let these series of conflict remind us of the great human folly of trusting in the greatness of nations and in powerful entities. We are reminded of the fate of once great nations like Assyria. Let us pray that we are reminded to put our faith in Christ and not in worldly treasures. (Matthew 6:19-21)

How last week, and the one coming, might shape Justin Trudeau's legacy

  1. Pray for the upcoming G7 summit in Quebec this coming week. Pray for safety. Pray also that the most powerful leaders of our free world come together to make good decisions. Pray that meaningful discussions on gender equality, a core theme of the forum, are carried on.

  2. Pray for Trudeau as he negotiates difficult issues like the oil pipeline controversy, trade wars with the US and domestic conflicts.

Italy to be led by populist, euroskeptic government

  1. Pray that as our inherently fractitious, selfish natures are revealed time and time again in various political events around the world, we remember to guard our hearts and reflect deeply on what it means to follow Jesus.

  2. Pray for the new Italian government. Pray for political stability in a country that has seen instability and a lack of government since early this year. Pray that they act in a way that would benefit they people who elected them.

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Trump reinstates summit with Kim Jong Un for June 12 in Singapore

  1. Pray for security forces, diplomatic missions that are inconvenienced and troubled by the flip-flopping of world leaders. Pray that they are sustained as they plan to host this major event.

  2. Continue to pray that the negotiations and discussions that take place during this meeting might be blessed.

Mahathir plans Malaysian island on middle rocks near Singapore

  1. Pray for our nation. Thank God for good news this week for Singapore as Malaysia drops its claims for Pedra Branca. Pray that God may imbue our leaders with wisdom to circumvent challenges that threaten us.

Singapore still incurring costs on HSR as it awaits KL clarification: Khaw

  1. Pray that God may guide us as a nation on how to respond to this. Pray that our leaders are given diplomatic acumen to handle foreign leaders that test us and try to coerce us into their bidding.