In Jer 29:7, God told the nation of Israel in exile to "seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf". God intended for His people to live as citizens of a different kingdom but also as people that are rooted in and aware of the needs of their present times. As we read of the needs in our world, from cyber security breaches, to gun controls, to the sudden threats of accidents and fires, we realise that we too, live in a fallen world that is in need of God. 

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Facebook's Zuckerberg 'sorry' over Cambridge Analytica 'breach'

  1. In the wake of international scandal, pray that the legal and security authorities will act to expose and punish those who have broken the democratic process. Pray that there will be thorough purging of these perpetrators from being able to influence the process of voting.
  2. Pray for trust to be restored in elected officials and democratic government that there will be peace and security in affected countries e.g., USA, India, Malaysia.
  3. Pray for our Select Committee of Deliberate Online Falsehoods in SG too, that they do what they need to do in order to protect Singaporeans. Pray that God's will be done.

US retail giants ask Trump to reconsider China tariffs

  1. Pray for God to work in the hearts of decision makers to make s in the citizen's interests and not for their own profiteering or gain.
  2. Pray for any kind of negative economic impact on the average citizen to be kept to a minimum that these decisions would not affect the livelihood of many. Pray for the wisdom of God be given to authorities and those who write policy for the economy.

Crowds gather for largest US gun control protest in a generation

  1. Pray that God's will be at the centre of this issue that threatens to tear a nation apart. Pray that as partisan views get more extreme, that God's people and His churches play a central role in mediating conflicts. Pray that God, who alone is sovereign and has the power to resolve all conflict, works mightily in the hearts of Americans that speak hatefully towards others.
  2. Pray that Christ, our Prince of Peace, protect vulnerable peoples in the US. Pray that administrators will have the good sense to make practical steps that protect vulnerables, like American schoolchildren.
  3. Pray that the people's mandate will sway the Government towards common-sense gun control.

World Water Day: The world's water crisis explained

  1. 22 March marked World Water Day, and many places in the world face severe water stress. Pray for wisdom for local government and leaders to establish wise and good policies to ensure that citizens have affordable access to clean water. 
  2. Pray for Cape Town, which faces a "Day Zero" in July, where the city will have no more access to running water. Pray for rain to alleviate the drought situation, and for help to reach the people who need it the most. 
  3. Pray for wisdom for aid agencies to reach groups of people that need help in such crises. Pray also for individuals and companies to implement creative solutions that can address the water crises in the various parts of the world.
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Kranji warehouse catches fire; second major fire in 3 days

  1. Pray for firemen who are on duty 24/7 for the safety and security of Singapore. Pray that God will sustain them by His common grace, and equip them to do their work well and with a sense of purpose and passion Pray that God will keep them safe when they put themselves in harm's way.
  2. Pray for environmental responsibility to increase, and that we will think about our duties to the environment well.

Singaporean killed, several injured in bus accident in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

  1. Pray for the family of the deceased, that He may bring comfort and solace to their hearts. Pray for Singaporean agencies liaising with authorities in Saudi Arabia. Pray that his funeral arrangements will go smoothly and not cause the deceased's family further heartache.

102 nabbed in Geylang as multiple agencies crack down on vice, drug and gambling activities

  1. Pray for our law enforcement agencies who work tirelessly to protect our land. Pray that as they continue to uphold and enforce anti-vice laws, among others that promote peace, protect families and safeguard people from their own sinful tendencies.
  2. Pray that Singaporeans, especially fellow Christians, do not judge fellow sinners with the borrowed righteousness that we have received from the sacrifice of Christ. Pray that churches and Christians workers will be able to love these fellow sinners wholeheartedly.