This week, we read of attacks on the chemical stores in Syria. There are people whose lives have been and continue to be affected by the ongoing strife in this nation. At the same time, Facebook continues to be in hot soup about their way of handling the data of their users. Back home, we read of the potential renewing of leaders of our nation. How can we deal with these issues as Christians? 

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Trade conflict would make Asian countries' relationships with US, China 'very difficult': PM Lee

  1. Pray for leaders from both ends. Pray that as one becomes more insular and the other flexes its muscles, they have the wider global interest at heart.
  2. As we look at governments today that are imperfect and selfish, we remember God's call to obey our human governments (1 Pet 2:13; Rom 13:1) that He has put in place. Let us remember the beauty and flawlessness of divine authority instituted by Christ, and pray that God use our human leaders to right wrongs and serve the greater good.

US, UK and France launch Syria strikes targeting Assad's chemical weapons

  1. Pray for the families of the hurt and deceased civilians who suffer collateral damage. Pray that God has mercy on these people. Pray that His will be done in Syria.
  2. Pray for governments and military leaders involved, that they may be blessed to make the right strategic decisions to avoid collateral damage on innocents.
  3. We remind ourselves of our own fallen condition, and how strife in the world is the manifestation of sin and rebellion against God. Pray for mercy on our broken world as we remember the cost of Man's salvation through Christ.

Facebook Takes the Punches While Rest of Silicon Valley Ducks

  1. As governments around the world turn their eyes on how their personal data is being misused, pray that they have wisdom is working with service providers in making legislation on this unchartered territory.
  2. Pray that God may use governments and tech people to do this will. Pray that God's people do not put their faith in advances and technology of human creation; pray that we remember our place as God's creation. Pray that God give us the wisdom the steward the application of tech for His glory and purposes.
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Man charged in court over allegedly sending bomb threat to Parliament House

  1. Pray that as security threats at home become more real and apparent, God continues to bless our security forces and our country. Pray that He protect our people from people who would visit violence on us. Pray that His gospel of peace blossoms in our country.

Competition watchdog issues interim measures to stop Grab, Uber merger

  1. Pray that our industry policy makers make good decisions to safeguard the people's interest.

Three veteran ministers stepping down to make way for younger colleagues: report

  1. Continue to pray for our fourth generation leadership. As the old fades away, may God continue to bless us with good leaders and policy makers who can guide us.