This week our neighbours to the north go to the polls. Even as Singapore continues to talk about leadership succession and new policies to build up our society, let's not also forget about the peace and stability of our neighbours and our region. 

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Malaysians head to the polls for 14th general election

  1. For confidence that God is sovereign over Malaysia's political outcome and that we never need to fear God's will. Pray that the Malaysian church will trust God at this time.
  2. For good outcomes in the election that work for the betterment of the people's lives -- for just, fair and good government that does God's will.

Trump announces US withdrawal from 'defective' Iran deal

  1. Pray for wisdom for Trump and other world leaders to do not just what pleases them, but what is in the interest of peace for the world. Pray that their consciences will be activated and that hypocrisy and political manipulation that distorts what is truly good would be exposed and removed.
  2. Pray for the nation of Iran, that God would be merciful to it, and call many to repentance, and hearts would not be hardened towards missionaries or gospel influence as a result of these political tussles. Pray for peace and openness that would serve the advance of the gospel.

Hawaii volcano simmers ominously, experts warn it could blow again

  1. Pray for many to turn from sin and repent as they see what God does in nature -- and that they would be drawn away from sin towards righteousness in Christ.
  2. Pray for wisdom and effectiveness for the security and response teams who are pre-empting such an event. Pray that God bless their efforts and help them keep people safe.
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Singapore leaders must not be ‘content to tweak things at the margins’: Halimah Yacob

  1. Pray for humility in Singaporeans' hearts, that as we respond to our leaders we would respond with unity and understanding instead of selfishness and self-interest.
  2. Pray for God's leaders here in Singapore, that they would do what is best for the people, and not for personal gain or celebrity. Pray especially for the emerging 4G leaders that God would guide their hearts to Himself and trust in Him, and that they would be used in His hands for good work.

5 more dengue cases found in Jurong West

  1. Pray for people infected by dengue, that God would be merciful to them and grant relief and recovery to them.
  2. Pray that Singaporeans have a strong sense of personal and corporate responsibility in tackling dengue, and not leave it to someone else to fix. Pray that we would have a culture of care, and that we grow to be good citizens together rather than just consumers of services.

On Parliament’s agenda: Tackling social inequality, helping Singaporeans stay employable

  1. Pray for parliament -- that God's sovereignty would be made clear to the church at all levels in Singapore and that we would trust God who reigns over all the magistrates for His purposes. Pray that parliament would be where God's will is revealed.
  2. Pray for the outcomes of social sector efforts -- that many would be served, especially those who need it most. Pray that a heart of justice grows in Singapore as we pay attention to the issues of inequality and injustice, and that righteousness would be our desire, especially in the church. Pray against apathy that says this is not the church's problem.